Darkness ((Noone comes here anymore. But I'll see what happens))

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Darkness ((Noone comes here anymore. But I'll see what happens))  Empty Darkness ((Noone comes here anymore. But I'll see what happens))

Post by zelf on Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:54 pm

Our kingdom of has been destroyed. After a very terrible war with the warrior clan called the dark sun we are the only survivors or at least the only ones we know of who weren't killed or taken as slaves . During the war we caused a lot of trouble for the dark sun so we are now in hiding. If we are found we will be executed. We learn that a small number of people have managed to avoid being detected by the dark sun and so have not been killed or taken as slaves. We must get them to safety before they are discovered. We are also working on forming an alliance with general Cyrus who leads a warrior clan who lives in the forest. We will need his armies if we are to free our people.

Each character has powers. Most of the normal rank and file soldiers of the enemy don't have powers but many of the higher ranking officers do. You can have up to three powers.

Technology: same kind of stuff you would see in the Lord of the Rings.

Weapons: the number of weapons you can have is based off how many weapons a human being can reasonably carry while on the move.

My character

Name: Linus

Age: real age is unknown but he stopped aging when he was ten.

Gender: male.

Description: dark brown hair and blue eyes. Average size for someone his age.

Powers: He can turn invisible, cause an enemy to freeze in place, and he can look into possible futures to determine possible outcomes of his choices. ((since the future is never certain instead of saying he can see what the future will be. I'm saying he can see possible outcomes based off of which choice he or others makes. Nine out of ten times tho it is pretty accurate))

Weapon: two short swords that can combine into a bladed staff. Most of the time tho he prefers to use them as swords.

Other: during the start of the war with the dark sun. Linus was only a boy. He did something the dark sun did not like and their leader cursed him so that he would never age. What they did not intend was that the curse also have him his powers. Linus spent many years developing his skills as a warrior learning how to use both his swords and his powers to defeat his enemies. He has become a powerful warrior who can only be matched by a few ((which would probably be other people's characters)) He was also a general in the army before the kingdoms fall (his curse is well known. Everyone knows he is not really only ten years old)

I will see if anyone joins before I put a story starter.

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