Lessons learned and betrayal.

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Lessons learned and betrayal.  Empty Lessons learned and betrayal.

Post by zelf on Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:56 pm

This roleplay is a "when you have time for it" roleplay. It covers the time when aldin and serena were hatchlings growing up. This is also taking place before reshima turned evil, but this does cover that process. So this roleplay takes place roughly four years before the hunger games mix .

If you need me to explain who aldin and serena are then PM me. But honestly tiana is probably the only one who will read this anyway and she is familiure with who they  besides. You don't necessarily need to know about them, as we can easily keep track of them ourselves.

Things are going well for the gold seron pack. There is the occasional clash with black serons but nothing serious. Arnold, the pack leader, is a few years away from retirement and is overseeing the training of what is possibly the last set of hatchlings he will train as the pack leader. He also has his hands full dealing with Aldin, his grandson, and serena who has been his messenger for a month now. The two of them are far ahead of the other hatchlings in training and have taken to hanging out with one of the older hatchlings, reshima. He has become somewhat of a role modle for them. Little do they know the pain they will go through when he betrays them a few years later.

In addition the the stress of pack life and growing up in general. Black serons and feraks are getting more bold. They are starting the stray into pack territory more often and the leaders are getting worried. Things also become interesting when for the first time a human girl ((meera)) shows up seeking refuge among the pack. ((I believe it was around three or four years that she ran away from her district. So I thought it would make sense that she show up near the beginning of this roleplay. ))

Well my character is aldin. Which would be the same description as in the hunger games one he's just hatchling size now. In this one he is ten in seron years during this roleplay. As a hatchling he is a lot like nathan. Often he and serena get into a lot of trouble together.

((and something to start the story))

I was exploring with serena. Today we had found our way into the green seron camp. Serons were allowed to visit the camps that belonged to other packs. The green seron camp was probably one of the coolest seron camps I had seen before. Several very large trees had been magically fused together to form one big continuous ring. The pack leader, Bethany, was a young female seron who was not married but had attention from males not just in her own pack but from other packs as well. (she is still the leader invasion and she does have children in that one. So she did eventually find someone ) she was very energetic and outgoing. We first met her when she visited our pack to meet with my grandfather. Serena made it very clear to me that she thought that Bethany was one of the most amazing serons she had met. I was enjoying myself for the most part. But I was also somewhat distracted. My mother had suddenly become very ill and despite all the healers were doing she was not getting better. (If you remember in the hunger games crossover Aldin's mother isn't around. )) none of us knew what it was. One day she seemed perfectly fine, then the next she couldn't even get out of bed.

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