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Post by zelf on Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:12 pm

Alright. This is not another roleplay. But rather information on serons for any who would like to join one of the made up animal roleplays. That way we all know a little bit about what is going on.

So first off. Serons are dragon like creatures that are the size of a horse when fully grown. Each seron has a human form. They can talk out loud in human form or mentally. But in seron form they can only talk mentally. Serons live in packs according to the color of their scales. Every seron can use some magic,  but only leaders and those related legally to them can use powerful magic. Every seron can swim from the day they hatch. Seron eggs are completely indestructible from the outside and there is not set time for a seron to hatch. It could take anywhere from a few days to thousands of years. They reach adulthood at five years. Then they age one year every one hundred years after that.

Pack government

There are eight packs that are jointly ruled by the ruler of serons and a council that consists of three serons from each pack. Each pack also has a government.

Pack leaders: The pack leader is the highest ranking position in a pack. The word of a pack leader is the law within his pack. However, if a leader is out of line he can be removed either by the ruler of serons or the pack Elite. But only the pack Elite can choose the new leader. When a leader dies or retires their oldest child takes over as leader.

Elite guard: the elite guard is the commander of the military forces in the pack and is also the head of the Elite.

Elite: The Elite are the personal gaurd of the leading family and also the governing council of the pack. They advise the leader and also protect his family from physical harm. Each Elite is over a portion of the fighters.

Spies: the pack spies are known only to the pack leader and Elite . They gather information on the packs enemies.

Secret gaurd: the secret gaurd are serons dedicated to protecting members of the leading family. While the elite are known to all, these gaurds are known only to members of the leading family. Not even their closest friends know who they are.

Special forces: These are fighters who have more training than the average fighter. They are called in to deal with difficult situations. Usually if a leader has more than one child the ones who are not the first born will lead this unit. Also if he has any siblings they will also be commanders here.

Fighters: the fighters in general make up the basic defense of the pack. They help protect the pack against anything that might threaten them. The majority of hatchlings grow up to be fighters. Fighters are divided into units that are each lead by one of the Elite.

Healers: These are serons who are professionally trained in healing. Each pack has at least a few healers. Members of the leading family are also trained in healing.

Retired serons: retired serons are serons who for one reason or another are no longer able to perform their duties. They are cared for so that they can live in peace the remainder of their days.

Messengers: a messenger is a hatchling who takes messages to other pack leaders. The messenger is always a hatchling because they are Non threatening and will get past gaurds quicker.

The packs.

Gold serons.

The majority of these roleplays are from the point of view of the gold seron pack. The gold serons are masters of getting around on rocks. They prefer to make their home on high cliffs in forested areas. They create caves with the leaders being the highest.

Blue serons

Blue serons are the water serons. And while all serons are good swimmers the blue serons make the rest of them look clumsy. Their camp consists of a series of rivers and pools and in order to enter any dwelling place you must enter from under water. Blue serons are generally more peaceful and do not like to fight. They have been long time friends of the gold serons. But they are not weak and if there is no other choice they can be deadly.

White serons

White serons live in a similar to that of the gold serons. But the cliffs are not as high. White serons are known for their wisdom and their advice is widely sought in difficult times.

Red serons

If there are any serons who are likely to suggest going to war it is the red serons. They are more aggressive than other serons. They are not evil however and they will refuse to harm a hatchling. Their camp is like a fortess.

Green serons:

the green serons are masters of the forest. They can get around in trees better than anyone. Their camp is in a thick forested area.

Silver serons:

Silver serons are master fliers. They live on rock pillars many times higher than the cliffs in the gold seron camp. It is said that silver serons spend only about an hour total on the ground in one day.

Orange serons:

orange serons can live on Almost nothing. They can go for weeks without food and be perfectly fine. Their camp is an open space with a ring of caves.

Purple serons:

Purple serons look a bit weird. But they are very fast. They liver wherever they can find enough food.

In addition to the eight packs just mentioned there are others.

Clear serons (not yet mentioned in the most recent roleplays )

Clear serons were believed to be extinct but have since been making a comeback. There are only a few in existence but their numbers are steadily growing. They are friendly to the eight packs and usually help spy for them. Clear serons scales change according to their own emotions (not to be confused with reflective serons whose scales change according to the emotions of others). However they can also make themselves invisible to not only sight but hearing and scent. Some clear serons are employed by the ruler of the eight packs to spy on black serons and feraks. However their invisibility Does not take away the ability to sense their minds.

Reflective serons:

Reflective serons are the only serons who do not live in packs. They instead live in family groups and travel often. To stay in one spot longer than a month of two is unusual for a reflective seron. Their scales act like mirrors and reflect their physical surroundings. But if another seron is close by there is a hint of color there according to that serons emotions.

Multicolored serons:

These serons are known to be the most powerful serons. They have never been defeated in battle. They are honorable serons and have many friends among the eight packs. Multicolored serons have a long history of friendship with the gold seron leading family. Also more recently their leader is good friends with the ruler of the eight packs. They are a different group of serons, but they often show up to help out. Nobody knows for sure but it is believed this friendship started when one of the rulers saved the multicolored leaders child.

Black serons:

Black serons are evil serons. When a seron becomes evil his scales turn black.


When serons become too evil to become black serons they become a different creature entirely. These are feraks. Feraks do not reproduce like other animals. Each time they kill their number doubles, unless the killing is seen by someone else and the killer is killed by that person. They move up in rank by killing someone higher ranking than themselves.

This is just basic information. Other info may come up during roleplays.

Oh one more thing. In the roleplays there is an afterlife that serons go to. I will explain how it works because it is different from what other stories say. When a seron dies they go to a place that is like a copy of this world. They look like the same age they were when they died. Except the old ones do not have the aches and pains of old age. They become spirit serons and the purpose of their existence becomes to help those who are still living. But they cannot do anything for the living serons that they are able to do on their own, no matter how hard that task might be. They can push things in the right direction. But they cannot force anything. Unlike other stories, spirit serons still posses the ability to eat and drink. Even tho both these things are no longer needed. They also can, on occasion, visit their loved ones. But there are usually years that go by between visits. They want them to focus more on the present than on those who used to be around. Pack leaders are visits often by leaders of the past giving them advice. Most of the time serons are visited by spirit serons who belong to their pack. But sometimes they will be visited by one who belong to another pack. It is normal for a seron to be visited by a spirit seron at least once in their life.

Hi! I am zelf, I created this site. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I love animals.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. ((or I'm a Mormon )

I have a turtle.

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